February 7, 2023

We were tagged in Facebook with the following news and plea for help from Cyprus Wildlife – Kıbrıs Yaban Hayatın which we are sharing so that those kind folk who wish to do so, can lend a helping hand to care for the Sea Turtles in need that come to Cyprus.

Subscribe save 60 text 4271! (Facebook Turkish translation to English)

2023 is kicking off fast. Last week, in 2 days, we welcomed 2 sea turtles to our Center in need. It will probably take months and the treatment, care and rehabilitation process, each costing tens of thousands of TL awaits them.

In need of help, hundreds of wild animals such as this large-headed sea turtle (Caretta caretta) and green turtle (Chelonia mydas) will be visiting our Center this year as they have for the past 7 years.

You too can make a huge contribution with only TL 2 a day so that these animals can receive the rescue, treatment, care and rehabilitation services they need in the best possible way!

All you have to do is spare 1 minute and send a SMS to 4271 by typing keep60 subscribe from your mobile phone! Right now! Take this very big step for hundreds of wild animals, which is small for yourself and contributes to our efforts to continue !our work

On this road we are traveelling with the slogan “Cooperation Protection” we realize that in cooperation for the nature, environment and wildlife of our island, drop by drop, that is, small contributions that do not bother anyone can combine to lead to great successes. Thanks in advance to the animal-loving people of this country who are sensitive to the environment and nature.

Please share this post, encourage others around you to make such a contribution, so that we can continue our efforts to save, treat, care and rehabilitation wildlife with increasing costs day by day your contributions are very important!

This post will also be shared in our weekly online E-newspaper

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