December 10, 2023

Hello, my friends, my name is Chris Elliott and I would like to welcome you to our CyprusScene yearly review of news and reviews from Northern Cyprus.

Well, what a year it has been with my dear partner being diagnosed with lung cancer and after many months of treatment, she sadly passed away in August of 2022 which had a profound effect on me.

We had created and had been running the CyprusScene website for over 10 years and I had developed this and wanting to share news and reviews from Northern Cyprus in English with the world and had introduced podcasts, videos and an online e-newspaper which Margaret had been largely involved with and what a great job she made of it.

With her sickness, I was having to work harder and longer to help her and run all of our media publications and people were saying how can you keep it going and others were saying its brilliant and please keep it running.

Well I did, and still continue with a little bit of help from a few people and as CyprusScene e-newspaper had become Margaret’s priority since we first started writing in local newspapers together way back, I have to keep publishing it somehow, more so as newspapers are fast disappearing from our lives but play a major role in in conveying news in detail that is studied rather the headline noticing and reacting to, as people do, with the social media news feeds which are often shared in groups with a limited audience.

Going forward I need to find more help from interested people who believe in CyprusScene’s publishing mission and want to be part of it albeit in a small way and perhaps if I monetarised CyprusScene, perhaps then more people would want to be part of it.

So onwards and upwards as they say and I will endeavour to publish more news and reviews from our contributors when I can.

So, Christmas came and Christmas and the New year passed with most people celebrating in their social groups and now we have a new year to look forward to and hope that the craziness in the world will be consigned to the hate dustbin where it is rightly deserved.

The UN should tear up the rule book and necessary procedures, make the Ukraine a member PDQ and tell Putting and his warlike cronies to go to hell where they belong.

If strong determination was shown by the US, UN, EU, UK and countries that believe in freedom and equality, then some of the smaller copycat regimes who think they can do the same as Russia will have to think again. 

Having said that all those that believe in freedom and equality should start practising what they preach and sort out the Cyprus problem which was started by Greece and the Greek Cypriots with their ethnic cleansing of Turkish Cypriots which came to pass way back in British history and led to the formation of a divided island due to the UK wanting to ignore the problems and refused as a guarantor power to join with Turkey and stop the killings and bloodshed.

So why not have an island with a 2 State solution like when we see with Eire and Northern Island which has developed a peaceful relationship that has only been upset in recent times because of UK Brexit and the demands of the UK or the EU politicians to maintain their controls.

So, leave it to politicians with huge egos and lust to maintain power with  ardent brainwashed followers and nothing will ever change.

The world is now being ruled at the point of a gun or the prevention of shipments of oil and agricultural produce and mankind cannot allow that to continue.

I pray this New Year will become a year of decreasing world lust for power and countries will learn to live together in peace and harmony and share with the world.


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