February 7, 2023

Readers mail ….
Susie L Ford …. Quiz Master ….

Hello readers,

It was a good night for Susie’s Big music quiz at the Diiva Restaurant in  Esentepe on 21st November 2022 which is held every month as a special treat for our quizzers.

The rounds consisted of, Tabletop, TV , 80’s and 90s, Films, Places, Number 1’s  and  The Big 20.

The results were,

  • 1st             Dunne N Dusted
  • 2nd            Tyke That
  • 3rd            The Shebells
  • 4th             Who Let The Dogs Out
  • And the famous Lemon went to Heres Johnny! 

The big music quiz is held monthly at Diiva retaurant and December’s date is to be arranged so please please, check on my Facebook page for the latest news

Thank you to Ali and his team for their wonderful food and service and also  to Kath Gardner for her helping us by collecting the quizzers sheets

Finally thank you all for joining us and stay safe and healthy. 

Susie Q Xxxx







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