January 28, 2023

The European Union Community Development IV, Girne Region Inter-Primary School painting competition, which was organized to raise awareness within the framework of the Transfer Station and Improved Waste Management Project, financed under the Grant Program, was held on November 2nd to17th, 2022.

To the competition where the last applications were made on November 16, 2022; 23 Nisan Primary School, Shht. Hasan Cafer Primary School, Karaoğlanoğlu Primary School, Doğa International College, Dr. Suat Günsel College, Girne American College, English School of Kyrenia contributed.

In the statement made by the Municipality of Girne; The theme of “Principles of Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling” (for both categories) was determined as the same competition categories (Category 1: Primary School 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades). Category 2: Primary School was determined as 4th and 5th Grades.

In the Competition Jury; Şenol Özdevrim (Painter – Faculty Member) Özlem Ekinci (Painter – Faculty Member) Kemal Behcet Caymaz (Painter – Teacher – Writer) they took charge of the evaluation.

Students studying in 7 regional primary schools participated in the competition with 122 students in the 1st category and 97 students in the 2nd category sent a total of 219 works for evaluation.

After the Jury Evaluation meeting held in the Commission Room of the Girne Municipality New Service Building, the following students received degrees and awards in the competition.

Category 1 Primary School 1.2.3.

Classes: Competition Winner: Yağmur Aydın – Doğa International College /2 A (Bicycle Award) Competition Runner-up: Damelya Syzdykova – Doğa International College / 3 D (Wristwatch Award) 3rd Place in the Competition: Ayla Fadıl – Doğa International College / 2 A 500 TL (Stationery Check Award) Girne Municipality Mayors Special Award: Karen Yaman Dr. Suat Günsel Primary School 2/D Painting – Art Material Award

Category 2 Primary School 4th and 5th Grades: Competition Winner:

Milana Salieva – English School Of Kyrenia / 4 P (Cycling Award) Competition Runner-up: Sümeyye Can – 23 Nisan Primary School / 4 White (Wristwatch Award) Third Place in the Competition: Saadia Ahmet – Şht Hasan Cafer Primary School 5/C (500 TL Stationery Check) Girne Municipality Mayors Special Award:

Sergei Lukianov won the English School Of Kyrenia Painting and Art Material Award.

According to the results of the competition evaluation, the works of 45 children were found worthy of being exhibited.

Students exhibiting their paintings in the competition; Güneş Tez, Melisa Akın, Destan Korkmaz, Nisa Bük, Aylin Zerman, Aysel Kumbaracı, Deniz Oruç, Peri Ekingen, Zeynep Ünal, Alvina Sakarya, Emine Gül, Mira Fingerless, Milan Esenboğa, Mehmet Şevki Karapaşa, Masal  Bürge, Karen Yaman , Evren Aydın, Aren Tatlıcıoğlu, Ada Lina Özgür, Ancelina Nikita, Arya Yanaray, Bade Yurtman , Esma Nur, Ada Mehmet, Dilan Seyhan, İbrahim Ahmed, Hasan Ellidört, Ela Kaplan , Melek Nisa Öz, İkra Akşahin , Elvan Gül, Elay Üçkum ,Kaya Berk, Timur Kuveki, Melek Naz, Kamila Sulpieva, Aızza Masood, Vera Yaşansal, Maria Lysykh, Duru Ilıcan, Danylo Vorobiov, Almedina Nugieva, Sergei Lukianov, Mira Töre and Sofia Altıntaş.

Mayor of Girne Nidai Güngördü said, Within the scope of the project carried out by the Municipality of Girne within the scope of the European Union Community Development IV Grant Program transfer Station and Improved Waste Management, we have previously planted saplings and carried out environmental cleaning.

An inter-primary painting competition is also an important part of this project. In this context Güngördü stated that the competition was organized on the themes of recycling, waste reduction, clean environment, and reuse, and ewceived a total of 219 official competition entries on these subjects that create a place in the consciousness and imagination of children. Güngördü stated that they want to create an important awareness in children with these and similar activities, and all 219 children who sent pictures to the contest were the winners of the contest.

Güngördü stated that it is an important duty to raise generations that are sensitive to the environment, conscious and protecting the environment.

He expressed his sincere thanks to all primary school principals, teachers and families who encouraged our children to participate in this competition and cooperated with us and said that it is our great duty and responsibility as adults to ensure that children live in a more livable clean environment and world.

Stating that they will announce the date of the awards to the winning children through the press, Güngördü added that another activity within the scope of the project will continue with the environmental theater performance to be staged by the Girne Municipality Children’s Theater.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality


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