May 31, 2023

“The TRNC stands in full solidarity with Motherland Türkiye in the fight against terrorism and threats to the national security of the country.”

President Ersin Tatar issued a written statement declaring  “full solidarity and support” of the TRNC to Motherland Türkiye following the launch of “Operation Claw-Sword”.

The operation by the Turkish Air Force is being carried out on sites that are being used by terrorists in the north of Iraq and Syria.

The statement by President Ersin Tatar is as follows:

Operation Claw-Sword has been launched by the Turkish Air Force on sites used as a base by terrorists to attack Motherland Türkiye in regions located in the north of Iraq and Syria that is significantly important for regional stability and peace. The TRNC stands in full solidarity with and supports Motherland Türkiye in exercising the legitimate right arising from international law to protect her national security and to eliminate terrorist elements that have been attacking Turkish People and security forces from the north of Iraq and Syria. This operation is important for ensuring border security and neutralising PKK terrorists at the Ayn Dakna, Marenez and Minag airbases in and around Tel-Rifat – particularly on the Ayn-el Arab line.  This operation is one of the most important indicators of the determined struggle of Türkiye against terrorist organisations that are being funded by foreign powers.

I want to underline the fact that the PYD – the political arm of the PKK terrorist group, had been granted permission to open a representative office by the Greek Cypriot Administration in January 2022. This development had brought to the agenda the relations that exists between South Cyprus and the PKK terrorist group.  This situation not only poses national security risks but also compromises regional stability.

I would like to emphasise that there is no difference between the PKK and PYD/YPG, which are all listed as terrorist organisations in the decree passed in our Parliamentary Assembly.  Attempts to categorise these different names as separate organisations by other  parties has no significance or meaning for the TRNC.  I again call on the Greek Cypriot Administration to reconsider its relationship with terrorism and to stop cooperating with terrorist organisations which have political motives that threatens world humanity and security.

I reiterate the full support and solidarity of the TRNC with Motherland Türkiye in this holy struggle that is being waged by the Turkish Security Forces and the Turkish nation, under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Türkiye Recep Tayyip Erdoğan,  against the treacherous terrorist organisations. 



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