May 31, 2023

Readers mail…
From Susie L Ford….

It was another fantastic night for MAYHEM entertaining at Diiva Restaurant, Esentepe on Monday 31st Oct 2022 with all the guests gathering for the show and to do their bit for Tulips.

Mayhem sang 3 sets of Halloween-themed songs all dressed in fantastic costumes and makeup to a packed audience who were cheering and clapping them on and wanting more.

Mayhem’s Susie Q was Harlequin with Martin Ford as Count Dracula, Kate Bell as Lady Skeleton, Kath Gardner as the Devil Woman and Charlie Bell as The Phantom. Our makeup was professionally done by makeup artist Joumana Orgu Sac so let’s say a big thank you for everyone’s hard work and dedication to make it a great night’s entertainment.

In between the acts we did a Halloween quiz and we played Wrap the Mummy game which was good fun.  Linda Lamb’s team and John Molloy’s tied for first place in the quiz and received a bottle of wine. Dress the mummy game was won by Elyse who also received a bottle of wine.

Thank you to everyone for joining the Mayhem team and making it a wow night, and thank you also to Ali Raza and his team for all their hard work and service and for hosting our event.

Thank you again to Joumana Orgu Sac who is also expecting a baby very soon and we send our best wishes and good luck for the future.

Finally thank you to Clarisse Cooper for collecting monies and doing the raffle and I am delighted to say we raised a fantastic amount of 3,060 TL for Tulips (Help Those With Cancer Association) so thank YOU ALL for supporting MATHEM in supporting Tulips! 

Well done and thank you to my MAYHEM team for your hard hard work which goes into our shows. 

Until the next one …..

SUSIE Q       Xxxx

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