May 31, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

There are many expeditioners who want to venture out to go around the world on foot. For many of them, it remains a dream, but for some, it became a reality.

There are quite a few adventurous expeditionists who ventured to go around the world on foot, a difficult but not impossible feat. For me, it has always remained a dream. Though I always wanted to go for it, but there are too many reasons that get in the way and prevent it. But sometimes I feel that it still is worthwhile going out for a long, long walk, which would ultimately become a walk around the globe.

The very basic question is how far is it to encircle the world by walking? Back in 2019 The World Runners Association set up a standard. According to them, anyone who wants to go around the world on foot is required to walk at least 16,308 miles. This distance is equal  to 26,245.18 kilometres.

The next question is that how much time would it take to complete a walk round the world. The calculation for the time differs from person to person, how as a matter of calculation, if one walks for about 30 miles daily, for 8 years and 9 months, he/she would return back the place from where the whole world expedition had started.

“What’s the sense in walking round the world”?, is the question that

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everyone asks. But is there any sense in climbing up to the top of the world like Mount Everest? To many an adventure like that is crazy, but for many like myself, this is an adventure worth going for. Indeed, the time spent on this adventure is never important, those who go for the adventure go for the sake of adventure.

As I mentioned earlier, technically when one must walk 30 miles daily, to complete the trip in 8 years and 9 months. If one has free time to spend on this, one can even go for a slower version, resulting

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in a longer time. But just like every marathon race, to me, completing such a walk remains useless, unless completed. I repeat time is of no value in it since completion is more important.

But such an adventure can be carried out by only those, who can leave their jobs and families for around a decade. Not all can afford this. That’s exactly the reason, why I cannot go out for such an adventure, otherwise, still I want to carry out such a wonderful adventure. Throughout the whole my life I could not get an opportunity to leave my job and family for such a long period, my dream of walking around the globe remains a dream.

By the way, what brought all this to my mind, right now, is the fact that on 5th October 1974, Dave Kunst, an American completed his 14,500-mile journey across the “land masses” of four continents. Interestingly he completed this in 4 years. He had started his walk on 20th June 1970, from his hometown Waseca, in Minnesota, and finished at the same point 4 years later. He financed his journey through sponsors and also raised money for UNICEF.

Around The World One Step At a Time — Interview With Dave Kunst

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