November 30, 2023

Readers mail….
From Susie L Ford….

It was a packed night at The Balti House in Esentepe on Saturday 24th September 2022 for the arrival of our Mayhem players!

We were able to give a night of song and dance, Rock and Roll, Country, Pop, New and Old with lots of smiling faces, lots of dancing and a great atmosphere.

Mayhem’s, Martin Ford, Susie Q, Katie Bell, Kath Gardner and Charlie Bell and we sang 3 sets of songs and ended the night with an encore and we were highly praised and thanked by everyone!  I’m so proud of my Mayhem team and everybody works so hard for these charity nights.

We had a raffle which went down very well and we even auctioned off a Christmas cat cushion cover, raising an extra 500 TL.

Thank you to Emma Gardner, our music tech, Clarisse Cooper for doing the raffle and collecting monies/

Thank you to Mahmood and his team at The Balti House for hosting us and making sure everyone enjoyed themselves and a very big Thank You to you ALL for donating raffle prizes and monies for such a well needy cause .

We raised over 4,085 TL plus £5 for Tulips  charity and a big Thank You for that.

Catch the next Mayhem show in the Divva Restaurant, Esentepe on 31st October for a Halloween Costume Party, where only a few seats are remaining


Susie Q Xxxx…

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