December 5, 2022

By Trevor Hughes…

Gas Tank Permits

I went into the office in Girne, which issues gas tank permits to see if they are any nearer issuing these years’ permits yet. The answer was ‘the Government have not given instruction on the revised dates as yet and there is nothing on the horizon from them’.

When asked if the permits would be backdated to January and would the Government issue fines for late payment, I was faced with the usual Cyprus shrug of the shoulders.

Strike Action

Strike action taken by Government employees working in various departments over the past few weeks means these offices are now operating on a skeleton staff basis. The result is extremely long queues making it impossible to get served!

For driving license renewals, they are now requesting you supply a copy of your passport to accompany your application, quite why totally eludes me.

Temporary Residence

The fee for the health insurance part of your Temporary Application has increased in price to 1000 tl per year per applicant. The application part of the procedure is yet to be announced, but back your last pound there will be an increase.

Energy Bill Calculator and Price increase

Listed below are some of the electrical devices being used in almost all homes showing the effects the latest electricity prices are costing you.


  • Oven (2kW) – using for one hour currently costs 1197 korus – but will rise roughly to 2184 korus.
  • Microwave (1kW) – using for ten minutes currently costs around 105 korus – but this will rise to roughly 189 korus.
  • Fridge (166kWh per year) – your fridge costs 273 korus a day to run right now – but this will rise to around 504 korus.
  • Kettle (3kW) – using a kettle for three minutes costs roughly 84 korus to run – but this will rise to 168 korus
  • Toaster (0.8kW) – using a toaster for three minutes costs approximately 21 korus – but this will rise to 63 korus.
  • Slow cooker (0.32kW) – using a slow cooker for eight hours costs around 1533 korus – but this will rise to 2793 korus
  • Blender (0.7kW) – using a blender for ten minutes costs 63 kuroş3p – but this will rise to 7p.
  • Coffee maker (1.25kW) – using a coffee machine for ten minutes costs roughly 6p – but this will rise to 11p.
  • Steamer (1.8kW) – using a steamer for ten minutes costs around 9p – but this will rise to 16p.
  • Deep fryer (1kW) – using a deep fryer for ten minutes costs around 5 p – but this will rise to 9
  • Washing machine (0.712kw per cycle) – one washing machine cycle currently costs 20p but this will rise to 37p.
  • Tumble dryer (1.14kW per cycle) – one tumble dryer cycle currently costs 32 p – but this will rise to 59p.
  • Iron (3.1kW) – using an iron for ten minutes costs roughly 15p – but this will rise to 27p.

Do you know how much your energy bill is increasing?

Find out with our simple calculator

Living room

  • Hoover (0.15kW) – using a hoover for ten minutes costs less than 21 kudos – but this will rise to just over 21 kudos.
  • Television (0.091kW) – using the TV for one-hour costs around 63 kudos but this will rise to (0.1kW) – having your laptop plugged in on charge for one-hour costs around 63 – but this will rise to 1”05
  • Amazon Alexa (0.03kW) – having your Amazon Alexa plugged in for one-hour costs less than 21kuros – but this will rise to almost 42 kudos.
  • Google Home (0.03kW) – having your Google Home plugged in for one-hour costs less than 21 Kuruş – but this will rise to almost 42 Kuruş.
  • XBox (0.211kW) – playing on your Xbox for one-hour costs around 126 Kuruş – but this will rise to 147 Kuruş.
  • PlayStation 5 (0.203kW) – playing on your PlayStation 5 for one-hour costs around 127 Kuruş – but this will rise to 231 Kuruş
  • Ring doorbell (0.0012kW) – having your Ring Doorbell plugged in for one-hour costs less than 21 Kuruş
  • WiFi router (0.0074kW) – having your WIFI router plugged in for one-hour costs less than 21 Kuruş.
  • Radio (0.0085kW) – having your digital radio plugged in for one-hour costs less than 21 Kuruş and will cost roughly the same in October under the new price cap.


  • Electric shower (7.5kW) – using an electric shower for ten minutes costs roughly 672 Kuruş – but this will rise to 1365 Kuruş
  • Bath (3.26kW to heat water) – filling up one bath costs around 92 Kuruş – but this will rise to 3549 kudos
  • Electric shaver (0.04kW) – using an electric shaver for ten minutes costs less than 121 Kuruş and will cost roughly the same 
  • Heated towel rail (0.1kW) – using a heated towel rail for one-hour costs around 63 Kuruş – but this will rise to 105 Kuruş


  • Straighteners (0.385kW) – using hair straighteners for ten minutes costs roughly 42 Kuruş – but this will rise to 63 Kuruş
  • Hair curler (0.385kW) – using hair curlers for ten minutes costs roughly 42 kudos – but this will rise to 63 Kuruş.
  • Hairdryer (1.8kW) – using a hair dryer for ten minutes costs roughly 189 – but this will rise to 336 Kuruş

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Best wishes

Trevor Hughes

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