September 27, 2022

The Municipality, cooperating with Creditwest Bank have arranged to have its invoices instantly paid at the bank’s cash desks. Creditwest’s ‘West Notifier’ application is facilitating their internet and mobile banking services via digital channels. Customers of the bank can also give instructions to have their Municipality bills paid on a regular basis, automatically. 

Water bills, property taxes, and parking fines can be paid online without visiting the bank.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü and General Manager of Creditwest Bank, Mazher Zaheer signed the agreement to provide this instant payment service throughout Creditwest Bank branches. The signing ceremony was attended by Girne branch manager Caner Değirmencioğlu with his team and Municipality officials. 

Nidai Güngördü: “Nowadays, we need to pay our Municipality bills instantly from anywhere we happen to be”

Güngördü said that it was now essential that people could reach the services and communicate with the Municipality in the easiest possible way. The most important aspect of these modern opportunities was to enable citizens to pay for the services they had received, easily, quickly, and accurately. He believed that by signing this agreement with the Creditwest Bank they were raising the already existing ties between them to contemporary levels. As a result, significant time would now be saved in the transactions between the service provider and the service receiver.

With the cost of living rising in the country and transportation becoming more expensive, it had become important that people were able to settle their bills to the Municipality or any other organisation instantly and without the need to travel.

Güngördü offered his thanks to the Creditwest Bank family for the ever-present cooperation they provided.

Mazher Zaheer: “We are ready to collaborate with public institutions, local authorities and universities in financial technologies”.

Zaheer, the General Manager of Creditwest, provided further information about the agreement saying they were constantly investing in the infrastructure of the bank so that their customers could easily perform many banking transactions from wherever they were. As the largest private bank in Northern Cyprus, they would continue to offer services that would make their customers’ lives easier. He said they had developed many banking products, services, and applications to meet the needs and expectations of the North Cypriot people and that they were ready to collaborate with public institutions, local governments, and universities in financial technology fields.

He thanked the Municipality of Girne for their readiness to cooperate in all matters.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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