December 10, 2023

“Rodin, the sculptor of passion – A selection from the private collection of Erbil Arkın” exhibition at Antalya Culture and Arts has closed. However, it is being reopened to visitors at the Arkın Rodin Collection Gallery in Girne, from Monday, 5th of September.

Erbil Arkın

22 pieces of work by the French sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), known as the pioneer of modern sculpture, from the private collection of the Cypriot businessman Erbil Arkın was exhibited in Antalya on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The exhibition was organised with the cooperation of Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) in Girne with the Arkın Rodin Collection Gallery and the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It was curated by Oya Silbery and ran from the 19th of May to the 31st. Many famous personalities like Prof. Dr. İlber Ortaylı and Yekta Kopan visited the exhibition.

Its significance was that this was only the second exhibition of Rodin’s works in Turkey. The collector Erbil Arkın was interviewed by the curator at the opening ceremony and many special activities for children were organised in the course of the exhibition.

27 Pieces of Original Artworks!

The Arkın Rodin Collection Gallery is distinguished as the largest Rodin collection in the Eastern Mediterranean and will be open to visitors again from the 5th of September 2022. The exhibits include 27 original pieces, including world-famous works such as the ‘Kiss’, ‘Eve’, ‘Falling Man’, and ‘Age of Bronze’.

Admissions are between 10:00 to 19:00 during the week and on weekends.

Source (Turkish): Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD)

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