September 27, 2022

Readers Mail….
From Chris Green….

Dear Chris,

I write this morning 18th August 2022 to express my sympathy to you following the loss of Margaret to the illness that she clearly fought with fortitude, tenacity and zeal and I am sure that the medical staff in the TRNC did their level best to purge Margaret of the Cancer that finally ‘robber’ her from you. Many of us experience the loss of a loved one to Cancer indeed, my own Mother succumbed to to a Cerebral Carcinoma nearly 48 years ago!

I don’t think that I actually met Margaret and I have been back in the UK since September 2010 but I have obviously seen her work on the CyprusScene which I read regularly and I respected her literal skills and her input to your publication that I know you produce Pro Bono per Publicum and have done so for a number of years now.

There is no doubt in my mind that Margaret’s funeral will have been an emotional occasion but I am sure that you will have been supported by your many friends out there in the TRNC and of course, Margaret is now free of pain and is sleeping. Were I to be over there now, I would offer to recite the following in support of you:

BeşparmakBlog: Shed No Tears ( as below

I wish you well Chris and may Peace and Eternal Rest be granted to Margaret in God’s loving care.

Warmest regards and with deep sympathy,

Chris Green

Christopher J Green


“Shed no Tears”

Don’t surround yourself with sadness I don’t want you to grieve.

For I have ended all my ills and conquered all my pain;

I’ve defeated morbidity, dull days, sufferings long reign.

Now I can embrace eternity’s wondrous terrain

In its peaceful gardens, I shall walk again.


So don’t indulge in sadness or empty days,

But fill every waking moment in useful ways:

Reach out for solace and in good cheer,

I’ll be there to comfort you and to hold you near.


Now, dry the tear that may well in your eye,

Don’t for my mortal passing cry:

For my spirit dwells within you now as ere I fly:

Alive! Alive in your memory, I shall never die.


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