March 25, 2023

Readers mail….
From Susie L Ford….

MAYHEM and Friends smashed it again for TULIPS with their 1980s music comedy show at Hatis Café, in Esentepe on the 11th of June 2022 at a fully booked and packed venue.

Guests started to arrive around 6-00 pm to be fed the most wonderful, yummy 3 course meal!  A meze to start, followed by lamb kleftiko, chicken, and meatballs, then followed by beautiful desserts

Then at 8.00 pm, the show started with we, The Hosts, Martin Ford and Susie Q together with all the big stars from back in the 80s appeared and entertained the audience. Stars such as Sunny d (Donna summer), Lino Bitchey (Lional Ritchie), Blu Savannah (Erasure), Sir Dwight Bendewithr {(Elton John) Lady Boy G (Boy George). Shades of grey (Blondie ), The White Clown (David Bowie) Will-I-Con (Billy Idol). A and R, (Rick Astley). Miss Ali-Mo (Alison Moyet), Reggae G (Bob Marley), Boy 3nd Banavida, (Fun Boy 3 and Bananarama), Rivmix (Eurythmics);  We had some fantastic costumes and great entertainment with lots of laughter with guests singing along with the MAYHEM act and then and dancing too.

The entertainers:

MAYHEM singers, Susie Q, Martin Ford, Kate Bell, Dave Lavender and Kath Gardner

Friends singers: Gavin Simons, Linda Lamb, Diane Ward. Charlie Bell. Malcolm Gannaway and Cathy Lund,

There are a lot of Thank Yous to go through …..

To all our guest singers, you were fantastic and it was a pleasure to work with you all. It takes weeks of rehearsals to put a show together and your dedication has been wonderful.

  • Thank you also to Emma Gardner our Mayhems music technician and Clarisse Cooper, our admin lady, treasurer, raffle lady, washer upper, and tea – coffee maker.
  • To everybody who donated raffle prizes a very big thank you
  • Not forgetting Hati and all her family and staff who produced beautiful foods and delivered wonderful service.
  • Sue Tilt, a special lady, and our contact through Tulips.
  • And lastly, to you all for coming along to support Mayhem support Tulips! We couldn’t do it without any of you!

A total of  3,627,00 TL was raised for Tulips.  WELL DONE & THANK YOU ALL!

As you know I write all the shows and I can promise you, the next couple of  Fundraisers will be Outstanding!

Look out for future news and posters on Facebook and in CyprusScene too!



PS: It’s so nice to receive appreciation for all, our hard work and this is what Sue Tilt from Tulips had to say:

The 80’s music scene will never be the same again after a wonderful night of fun and complete ‘MAYHEM’ at Hati’s Restaurant in Esentepe.

A wonderful cast of well known singers graced the TRNC with their presence including Elton John, Bob Marley, Boy George, Alison Moyet to name a few and all with a difference!

Thank you to Susie and Martin Ford and the whole team who tirelessly rehearse for these shows and it showed, it was an amazing evening and ran like clockwork.

 Thank you to everyone who attended and for raising a grand total of 3,627 TL!

 On behalf of all our patients, we thank you for all your time, effort and support. We look forward to the next event.

SUE TILT   Tulips* 

Editors note: A selection of photos courtesy of Martin Ford, Hati Gürbüz and Sue Tilt have been shown in this article.

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