March 25, 2023

By Margaret Sheard….

It is just one year ago that I started chemotherapy treatment for lung cancer and its effect was perhaps not as positive as it could be, due to an 8 week break in treatment when no drugs were available in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and following a Petscan later in the treatment I was advised my cancer was not responding and I was advised to have immunotherapy treatment.

The immunotherapy treatment does have side effects but during the treatment I felt better but now we were having to pay far higher fortnightly costs for treatment and as we receive no financial support, Chris Elliott decided to start the Go Fund Me fundraiser and we hoped that many people we had helped over the years would, in turn, help us.

Some did plus other caring people and I send my eternal thanks to them and wish you a healthy life and happiness.

As was previously reported, I collapsed at home twice and was hospitalised and on the second occasion, indications were found that I had 2 tumours on my brain and I was immediately transferred to the Near East University Hospital Lefkosa for care by my oncologist.

This finding was confirmed by him and I was initially given radiotherapy before being released to complete the 13 days of increasing radiotherapy treatment as an outpatient and  I will have an MRI scan in 4 weeks’ time to learn how successful the treatment has been.

In the meanwhile, in 2 weeks’ time I will start a further course of immunotherapy treatment for my lung cancer and I pray this will be successful.

Since the start of my cancer treatment one year ago I have feared I would lose my hair and this has happened in the last few days of radiotherapy but this is the added price you pay to try and rid yourself from BIG C.

Thank you again to all you lovely people who have helped me with donations on this link: and if local friends are able to fundraise here for me in the TRNC that will be greatly appreciated

Thank you all and God Bless You

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