March 27, 2023

The death on Sunday 22nd May, of a 69 year old female employee as a result of an accident was protested in front of Girne Municipality building and a press statement was issued.

Occupational health and workplace safety specialist and trainer, architect Sıdıka Geylan, issued the statement on behalf of Girne Municipality women employees.

Press release, re-workplace accident:

“As Girne Municipality women employees, we were deeply saddened that on Sunday in a citrus factory in Güzelyurt a forklift overturned and caused the death of a 69 year old female employee.

The contribution of our women in our daily lives, whether in the workplace or at home, sharing the work load, is a fact of sustainable existence.

Because of this tragic event now is the time for self examination by everyone from state institutions to employers and employees; in fact the whole of society. We are all responsible for this sad event.

It is the employer’s duty to ensure the health and safety of every employee. The provision of safe working conditions, the basic needs of the employee, protective measures for the individual must all be completely fulfilled by the employer. If any deficiencies in these conditions lead to life threatening risks it is unfortunately inevitable that workplace accidents can turn into work related homicides. It is therefore vital that all necessary measures are taken at an academic technical level to avoid such tragic consequences.

This fatal accident in Güzelyurt has shown us this bitter truth once again and has reminded us of the importance of Occupational Health and Safety Rules.

The fact that the accident happened on a Sunday points to factors like distraction and fatigue caused by psychosocial reasons and long working hours.

However, if factors like an employer

  1. – Not fulfilling his responsibilities to provide occupational health and safety in the workplace
  2. – Not taking due care of employees with special needs
  3. – Employing workers beyond retirement age, inexperienced, unqualified, operators untrained in the risks at the workplace
  4. – Not supplying the necessary warnings and precautions in the work environment are considered, it is possible to say that this accident is a tragedy that could possibly have been avoided.

In order to prevent more accidents and deaths in our country and workplaces it is imperative to implement Occupational Health and Safety Rules.

We wish for God’s blessings on the soul of our sister Fatma Taşçı and commiserate with her grieving family”.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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