March 25, 2023

Featuring: Mihriban AVIRAL & Rauf KASIMOV – Tango Jazz in Spring

By Heidi Trautmann….

It is always with great joy and anticipation that I drive up to Bellapais for a concert, a place with a special atmosphere, to be together with music lovers, and for many of us a stepping out of everyday life. The festival was again superbly organised, and the programme well chosen. It makes us go back home enriched and smiling.

I must confess I have never heard Tango Jazz before nor have I heard Jazz or Tango in this combination of a flute soloist and a pianist… deeply surprised me, what a strong performance, with both the instruments in perfect cooperation. A most enjoyable evening.

Both musicians had many fans in the audience, we heard them calling out throughout the programme and at the end of the concert they came rushing forward bringing bunches of flowers to the stage.

Mihriban Aviral, is an international flute soloist, a Latin & Ethnic Jazz Virtuoso and it further says: ‘She is an artist who has adopted the principle of contributing to world peace by building intercultural links between worldwide communities, with the universal language of music. This vision of hers certainly is right now most important and in great demand.

Rauf Kasimov, to most of us known as a dedicated piano teacher to our local young talents and loved by parents and students; he also has a vision, that is to teach his students the rich and beautiful language of music but also the respect and discipline that goes with it.

I have attached the biographies of both musicians, also the lovely programme, perhaps the one or other reader would like to know more about the music background, for example, the composers of the programme come from so many different places.

  • Chiquinha Gonzaga: Gaucho, Tango Brasileira
  • Ernesto Nazareth: Dengoso, Maliye Tango
  • Valeriy Saparov, Alla Tango
  • Astor Piazzolla, Tango Calambre
  • Carlos Gardel: Por una cabeza Tango
  • Ernesto Nazareth: Tango Habanera
  • Necip Celal Andel: Mazi Kalbimdebir yaradir
  • Angel. Villoldo: Tango El Choclo
  • Moreno Torroba, Tango Habanera
  • Astor Piazzolla: Libertango
  • Jacob Gade: Tango Jalousie (Tango Trigane)
  • Franz Doppler: Fantasie Pastorale Hongroise
  • Astor Piazzolla: Nightclub 1960
  • Irving Fields: Miami Beach Rumba
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