October 4, 2023

Girne Municipality Health Units pursue their duties in public health issues

Mosquitos affect our daily lives in the city and it is important for the health of the public that we continue the fight against them the entire year round.

Throughout all Municipality regions we have been surveying, monitoring and larvicide spraying stagnant wet spots, stream beds, ponds, puddles, unused swimming pools and similar areas as part of our ongoing plan to combat the larvae.

Health Branch Chief, Naile Soyel, issued a statement on the subject saying: “During all the 12 months of the year, we continue the struggle against mosquitoes, which carry one of the most contagious and dangerous diseases to humans, namely the riskiest ‘vector-borne’ ”.

She pointed out the importance of keeping a robust nature, a sustainable ecosystem and environmental aspects in their applications. Studies had shown that a bacterium impregnated corn cobs yielded ecological products which did not contain any chemicals. These products were harmless to the environment and all other living things but effective against mosquito larvae.

Girne Mayor, Nidai Güngördü said: “The health of our citizens is more important than anything else. It is our duty to protect nature and the environment in which we live. This is why we are using environmentally friendly sprays. As in fighting a wild fire it is very important that the country as a whole and the municipalities, adopt effective and appropriate methods in their own regions”.

“The environment is our common area and it is our duty to protect and develop it. Considering that the main theme of 22nd April, World Day, is to provide sustainability by making friendly investments in our environment, doing so, means investing in life and the future. We should be more conscious of and sensitive to environmental issues”.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality



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