April 1, 2023

Gazi Yüksel – Outside of ‘Once upon a Time (or- The Temporal Layers of Reminiscence)’
Exhibition at the Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia

By Heidi Trautmann….

A big surprise awaited me when I visited Gazi Yüksel’s new exhibition, curated by Ümit Incatçı and entered the exhibition hall of the Atatürk Cultural Centre. A photo exhibition? Yes and No …. A photo story …. An artistic assemblage … An ‘Assemblage of the Past and the Present of the Old City of Nicosia’. The artist was present. He told me that he was working on this project for nine years, collecting old photos.

When you are used to walking in the small side streets of Nicosia you can still feel the shadows of the past and these Gazi Yüksel brought to life, he made these shadows visible: scenes of the small day, young women in the fashion of yesterday, children playing the old games, political images. Fascinating.

Gazi Yüksel is an artist who uses his understanding of art as a language, he uses art as a tool to tell a story, to express feelings, to make visible phenomena such as he did in his painting exhibition in 2016, please click on the link to learn more of his way of thinking.


He said I bring only a few pieces here to display, there is so much more to learn about the eternal Old City.

The exhibition in Nicosia will be until 22 April, but he said there would be exhibitions to come in the near future in Famagusta, Girne, Güzelyurt and Lefke. Yes, this exhibition needs to be shown more than once. Visiting times in Nicosia are on weekdays from 8.00 to 16.00 hrs.

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