February 5, 2023

On Friday 15th April 2022, Girne Municipality and İpek Denizli Arts Studio are cooperating together to mark the day.

‘World Art Day’ events will take place, on 15th April, between 14:00 and 19:00, outdoors, at Ramadan Cemil Square, Girne.

Artists and photographers will exhibit their creations while authors and poets will recite their works and autograph books.

Taking part with their books of prose and verse will be Feyzan Korur, Ayşe Tural, Zafer Muhtaroğlu, Özlem Karakaşlı, İlkay Adalı, Orkun Bozkurt, Zeynep Yenen, Nurperi Özgener, Gülşen Musa Şenderin and Ferdiye Yurdakul.

Visitors will also see the longest painting, ceramic clay and marbling demonstrations and various other impromptu activities.

Between 17:00-and 19:00, Nevin Halis with everyone participating will create the longest painting, and Leman Cankat will give a demonstration of working with ceramics.

Hasan Kayıplar, Bedia Kale, Mandana Mehrinia, Candan Behzatoğlu, Zülal Karlıova, İpek Denizli and Tünay Özyay will be exhibiting their paintings and photographs.

While Ayla Öztaşçı gives a street theatre performance with improvisations and card tricks, Ahmet Sunisi will highlight ‘World Art Day’ with his music.  Art lovers will be able to shop for food and drinks from catering stands during the day.

Girne Mayor, Nidai Güngördü emphasised that a lot of cultural and artistic events had been organised during his term of office. Apart from the now world famous Cartoon Competition, the municipality had played an important part in organising sculpture symposiums, book publications, photography contests, various festivals, and also courses for children to participate in music, ceramics, painting, etc. With every passing day, they were putting their signatures to innovative cultural and artistic activities. They have been saying ‘yes’ to the arts for years.

Pointing out the significance of 15th April, ‘World Art Day’ Güngördü thanked everyone who were contributing to future art events and invited all citizens to attend.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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