April 1, 2023

Introduction by Chris Elliott….

Many people enjoy reading books for the stories or the information they contain and we have just had a fascinating video review from our friend Oz Orman who has produced about his friend’s bookshop.

CyprusScene readers will recall we shared some videos with reviews from Oz Orman from his Youtube account “Morton Park FC”.

  • Varosha, Cyprus- The Untouched Hotel (The Golden Sands)
  • Mete Adanir & Laurie Cunningham- Statue to Statue
  • Air Crash Cyprus- Talia Airways

“Dear Margaret and Chris

How are you? I hope you are well. I hope Margaret is on the mend and a big thank you for sending through the latest editions of the CyprusScene e-newspaper

I haven’t forgotten about the articles you asked for regarding Dr. Kucuk and Lefkara. I have been working on improving my videos and I have attached one that I made recently regarding my friend’s bookshop in Fulham. It is not Cyprus related, but it might be of interest to you both and your readers.

Other videos in the pipeline that you might want to feature are:

*The Golden Sands Hotel- Part 2: The stories behind the stories. This is about people linked to the hotel.

*Nicosia Airport- what happens to an island when it loses its main airport. Some history of the politics regarding Ercan, Larnaca and Akrotiri.

Speak soon and stay safe.

Best regards


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