March 28, 2023

Mayor of Girne Municipality Nidai Güngördü and Girne Municipality Traffic Commission paid a Study Visit to Nottingham Municipality in the UK.

In the statement made by the Municipality of Girne, projects are being carried out with the aim of finding a solution to the increasing traffic problem in the city, and a commission was formed for this. In this regard, the delegation, through the British High Commission, informed the Nottingham Municipality, which is an exemplary city in England with high experience and providing traffic consultancy services to the whole world, that it continues at a technical level in various contacts at home and abroad. It was informed that a technical visit was carried out.

Girne Municipality delegation, during the technical trip, took place between 14-18 March, under 6 titles, and 15 department chiefs who are experts in related subjects made presentations. The delegation, which was hosted by sharing experiences and making on-site observations, completed the study tour.

On the first day, the Nottingham Municipality Leader, David Mellen gave a keynote speech with information about the general sections.

Nidai Güngördü, Mayor of Girne Municipality, made a statement on the subject and said, “It is pleasing that the projects and arrangements we have been carrying out as a result of the meetings have been approved by the experts in Nottingham.

However, it has been observed that England’s Nottingham Municipality has implemented radical measures and legal regulations from the very beginning in parallel with the development of the city since 1980.

I would like to express that we would like to host the technical team of Nottingham Municipality and invite them to evaluate the on-site suitability of the ongoing and planned projects related to traffic, and to contribute to the updating of the current situation and the Master plan.

On the last day of the technical tour, “Lord Mayor David Trimble” hosted us in the historical city hall. He gave information about the functioning of the assembly and its practices.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü and the delegation also met with the students studying in Nottingham and chatted about current issues.

Güngördü said: “I would like to take this opportunity to announce that we will continue to work to take Girne forward and that we are working to create the necessary regulations to make it a world city. As a result of all these contacts, Nottingham Municipality also stated that they do not demand any consultancy fee from our municipality.”

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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  1. As Nottingham man I congratulate Girne for going to this suberb city. However for traffic control I’m not sure it is the best place to start! The city centre has been in virtual chaos for the last 15 years bringing traffic to a virtual standstill. However they may be able to see light at the end of the tunnel now although it has cost them a fortune. Good luck!

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