January 29, 2023

Mayor Güngördü made the following statements in his message on 18-24 March, Seniors’ Week.

It is in our culture and one of our primary duties to show respect and affection to our elders so that their lives become easier and contented. They raised us with limitless love and compassion to prepare us for the future. These most precious assets of our lives are light sources pointing the way to the future by transferring their past experiences to the present day.

To ensure that our elders lead peaceful lives we must do everything we can and show that we will always be by their side. They spent the most productive years of their lives serving the nation and country and now guide us with their knowledge and experiences.

During Covid-19 pandemic times affecting the whole world, Girne Municipality kept in touch with senior citizens fulfilling activities like pharmacy and grocery shopping, food aid, and have continued to this day so that they are assured we will always look out for them.

Routine monitoring of our Second Spring members was suspended in March 2020. All 970 members of this group have now been contacted by Social Affairs Branch personnel and issued with telephone numbers to call for all their needs.

Ambulance service is provided to 50 bedridden Second Spring members, and their routine controls and needs are met on a daily basis.

People older than 65, who need transport are taken from their homes to vaccination centres, and also assisted in their pharmacy and hospital visits.

Mayor Güngördü also said it is the responsibility of not just the State but all of us as a community to solve the problems of our seniors and ensure that they take their just place in society.

I am certain that our citizens will show affection and respect not only to those close to them, but also to all our elders and be by their side in all aspects of life.

As expressed by these feelings and thoughts, I respectfully and with love, offer my congratulations of the Seniors’ Week to all our elders. They are our most cherished treasures who have made great efforts to bring our society to where it is today.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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