January 29, 2023

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From SPOTThe Society for the Protection of SeaTurtles

This past week, SPOT took part in an international meeting for the protection of sea turtles supported by the MAVA Foundation and held at Pamukkale, Turkey. Representatives from 12 countries including Albania, Morocco, France, Greece, Spain, Italy, England, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Turkey attended the meeting and considered their future cooperation.

Professor Yakup Kaska of Pamukkale University and DEKAMER had organised the meeting which was attended by about 40 participants. The attendees were hosted at Hotel Colossae and also visited the Pamukale travertines.

Taking part in the meeting representing SPOT, Dr. Damla Beton said, “Good cooperation has been achieved by the coming together of groups from different countries with a common interest. Harmonious continuation of this cooperation is very important for the protection of turtles in the Mediterranean. Taking part at this meeting representing Northern Cyprus is both motivating and invaluable for our team”.

The meeting assessed studies of genetics, migration routes, unintentional catches, feeding areas and marine habitats in the various countries around the Mediterranean Sea. In the light of these studies, experts evaluated the condition of sea turtles in the entire Mediterranean. A procedure to be followed in the near future was agreed upon.

Representing SPOT, Dr. Robin Snape said: “We are able to take part in such international collaborations today because of our long-running studies in Northern Cyprus and internationally appreciated publications. These studies which prove the significance of sea turtle habitats in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), are especially important for the recognition of the country”.

We would like to thank the Environmental Protection Agency for their support in our studies, Professor Yakup Kaska for his hospitality, and the MAVA Foundation for making all of these possible.

We hope you will support our conservation work by sharing your sea turtle observations by calling number 1188.

Source (Turkish): SPOTThe Society for the Protection of SeaTurtles

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