March 27, 2023

TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs Statement

Our Ministry had previously announced that the Greek Cypriot Administration has recently accelerated its armament activities and intensified its exercises with some countries. This time, it was reflected in the press that the priests were given weapons training in cooperation with the Greek National Guard army and the Greek Orthodox Church.

It is not surprising that the Greek Orthodox Church, which has done its best to keep alive the feelings of hostility towards the Turkish presence on the island, is involved in such a provocative activity. We condemn in the strongest terms this target practice, which includes awarding the best shooting priests.

Likewise, it was reported in the media that the Greek Orthodox Church was involved in similar exercises of the Greek National Guard in the past and transferred financial resources to the Greek National Guard army.

This hostile activity witnessed by the whole world revealed the main purpose of the Greek Cypriot leadership and the Greek Orthodox Church. In the face of these images, it is significant that international actors who claim to support an agreement on the island still remain silent.

Despite all our warnings, the fact that the Greek Cypriot Administration continues its armament and military activities shows how right the Turkish Cypriot people are in determining their sovereign State and the guarantor of the Motherland Turkey as a red line.

Source (Turkish): TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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