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Greek Orthodox Church encourages hostility towards the TRNC

TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs Statement Our Ministry had previously announced that the Greek Cypriot Administration has recently accelerated its armament activities and intensified its exercises with some countries. This time, it was reflected in the press that the priests were given weapons training in cooperation with the […]

TRNC News Today 23rd March 2015 – Lillikas suggested Greece has a pan ethnic conference

TRNC News Today 23rd March 2015 Lillikas suggested Greece has a pan ethnic conference The president of Citizens Alliance in South Cyprus Yorgos Lillikas, claimed that Cyprus and Greece is facing major national issues which are connected, and it’s time to organize a “Greek Cypriot- Greece pan ethnic conference” […]

North Cyprus – TRNC News Today 14th February 2014 – Negotiators to meet at Buffer Zone today

TRNC NEWS TODAY – 14th February 2014 APPRECIATION FROM UNSG BAN TO PRESIDENT EROGLU UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has sent a message to President Derviş Eroglu and expressed his appreciation due to “his substantial efforts in reaching an agreement on the joint statement to be made […]

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