April 1, 2023

Readers mail….
From Roger L Jennings….

Before you became the leader of the Turkish people, Turks were not educated and women were not emancipated.  You are responsible for the education of all and freedom for women in Turkey today.

The Mother of Dr. Ozlem Tureci became a biologist and her Father a surgeon in Turkey. Then they moved to Germany.  The parents of Dr. Ugur Sahin moved from Iskenderun to Germany where like Ozlem Tureci he went to medical school.  The two met at medical school, married and created the company BioNTech.  The rest of the story is history.

When they saw the sequence of the Covid virus, they knew they could develop a messenger RNA to conquer the virus.  And they did.  How many lives have they saved? Their work is miraculous.  Now that they have proven their approach to medicine with Covid, they are researching solutions for many diseases.  Big Pharma companies like Pfizer are now following the leadership of these two Turks, and are providing the major funding that is necessary.  Medical research has been changed forever.

Gazi M. Kemal Ataturk knew that educating all Turks was important to the future of Turkey.  He recognized the value of women in Turkish society when they replaced the Greeks in the packing plants of Izmir in 1922.  The women proved themselves to be equal members of society, and the Gazi institutionalised that reality.  He could have never anticipated that Doctors Tureci and Sahin would develop life saving solutions that have affected so many people around the world.

Without the vision of Gazi M. Kemal Ataturk, the virus would have killed so many more people.

Thank you, Gazi M. Kemal Ataturk.

Written by Roger L. Jennings.   email: rjenningsmfgco@yahoo.com

Creator of the Turkish history videos “Their History is Our History” on http://www.udemy.com

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