March 28, 2023

A meal fit for a King – that’s a Turkish Breakfast to me and you

Members and guests of the Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus (ATA) were treated to true Turkish Cypriot hospitality at their latest social gathering meal.

Breakfast organiser Joyce Oxley with Morton Coles

Renowned for its breakfasts, Pine Bay Club Hotel gave ATA members a never-ending supply of wonderful dishes, after the sixth or was it seventh perhaps tenth dish almost everyone was ready to throw the towel in, but, after a second wind and even more dishes ATA members showed what they are made of by devouring a further array of delicacies, enjoying every one of them.

So impressed were guests that a number of them joined the ATA, with Trish Best saying, ”l am pleased l came along today as not only was the food unbelievable and something l will remember forever, but so was the friendliness of all the ATA members. So much so l decided l wanted to become one of them!”.

ATA Chairman Philip Lloyd thanked Eliz Arken of Pine Bay Club Hotel for providing such a wonderful meal and ATA member Joyce Oxley for organising the breakfast.

Information on the Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus can be found on their Website Facebook Group and Facebook Page.

Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus

The friendly listening association with a heart, supporting good causes in Northern Cyprus for the benefit of everyone

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