February 5, 2023

By Roger Jennings …….

Putin and his allies invoked the concept that no matter where Russians are in the world, the Russian state has a right and an obligation to protect and defend them. The Greek’s Megali Idea is the same concept that was enacted in Turkey and Cyprus..

If Russia invades Ukraine, the Russian Orthodox Church will support Putin. The Greek Orthodox Church supported the decision of Prime Minister Venizelos to land the Greek Army in Turkey in 1919.

A year later, 1920, the Greek political parties unified into one party, the United Opposition Party, a unique event in Greek history, and made the promise to stop the war in Turkey and bring the Greek Army home. The United Opposition Party won 70% of the seats in the legislature. Venizelos was replaced by King Constantine who continued the War against the decision of the Greek people. The Greek Army lost the war, and thousands of Greeks, Turks, and Armenians were killed. The war was a great disaster for Greece.

The Greek Orthodox Church ex-communicated Venizelos calling him a traitor, and Venizelos was tried in Greek Court where he received a death sentence. Will that be Putin’s fate? The Russian people today do not want to be involved in another war.

The French Revolution of 1789 teaches that the people of a country are the sovereign, and not some king, president, prime minister, military officer or other government official. The people of a country must be complicit in the decision to go to war, or there will be cycles of wars.  The concept of the “Russian World” or” Russkiy Mir,” like the Megali Idea, has been replaced by the demand for individual human rights.

Most Greeks today do not realise the Greek people were betrayed by their leaders. The Turkish people do not recognise that the Greeks instigated the Turkish Republic. Turks should say thank you to the Greeks. The lesson Greece and Turkey have taught the world is spelled out in videos starting with the Introduction and then The Beginning click here . Those 19 minutes of free video are then followed by 24 more videos that are available at a modest price.

The history and evidence will amaze every Greek and Turk. Also included is information about how Ataturk became such an exceptional leader. Every Greek and Turk will want to know the history of their countries. Hopefully, the truth of their ancestors will free the current generation from the propaganda they have been taught.

The following is a full list of my videos of Greek History in Turkey and Cyprus which can be obtained by  clicking here

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Testimonials
1.3 The Beginning
1.4 Turkey for the Turks
1.5 Smyrna – Where the Apostle Paul Established the Church
1.6 Turkish Soldiers Arrive
1.7 The Beginning of the Rescue
1.8 General Frangos Refuses to Save Greeks
1.9 What is Coming – Including Understanding the Ataturk the Turks Do Not Know
2.1 Past History of Relations between Greeks and Turks
2.2 The Venizelos Era
2.5 Mustafa Kemal Becomes the Leader of the Turks
2.6 Greek and Turkish People Do Not Want War
2.7 The Allied Commission’s Report
2.8 What Others Said
3.1 the Rising Tide of Terror
3.2 Terror Grips Everyone
3.3 Report from Asa K. Jennings
3.4 General Frangos Betrays the Greek People
3.5 Success – the Blackmail Worked
3.6 Refugees Elsewhere
4.1 Ataturk in the Beginning
4.2 A Better Life for the Turkish People
4.3 One of the Most Important Innovations
5.1 Many Reasons for War
5.2 UN’s Crime Against Humanity
5.3 Cyprus
5.4 Ataturk’s Motivation
5.5 Preventing War
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