March 28, 2023

By Trevor Hughes…

Insurance Premiums

Due to the falling value of the Turkish Lira, coupled with the astonishing volume of vehicle insurance claims, and the incredible cost of raw materials to serve the claim, The “Insurance and Reinsurance Companies Association” stated that paying for insurance is the last thing on the customer’s minds.

However, policyholders should think hard and long before cutting back on cover, because it’s very difficult to replace what’s lost!

Although house insurance is a matter of personal choice, car insurance is an altogether different matter, because it’s mandatory, and is the Law here.

The only choice you have is between having third party or fully comprehensive.

Fortunately for Capital Insurance customers, their premiums are shown in sterling,” making it beneficial for the customer when making a claim, because if it was in Turkish Lira the premium may not be sufficient to cover the claim.

WhatsApp Scam, Be Aware

There are over two billion users worldwide so it’s not hard to see why cybercriminals are targeting WhatsApp.

Instead of simply sending out a message with a fake link or promise of a cash prize, scammers are now trying to steal money by making up things much, more personal.

The chat often starts with a simple message that says, “Sorry, who are you? I found you in my address book.”

If they get a response, the crook will then attempt to gain the trust of the WhatsApp user and slowly try and extract more and more personal data that could end up leaving the victim at risk of being scammed. So be aware, if in doubt hang up!!!

Registering a Will with the Court Registrar

The system for making an appointment with the Court Registrar to register a will here has changed!

You no longer e-mail the Registrar for an appointment as before; you now need to complete your request for an appointment online.

The online application is in Turkish which you may have difficulty in following unless, of course, you can read the language. However, there is light at the end of the proverbial “tunnel”. If you wish us to write the will for you, included in the management fee is the appointment application!

You will receive an e-mail from them confirming the date and time. The new system gives you the facility to choose a date most convenient to you.

Please do not just go down to the office without an appointment, because you will not be seen.

TRNC Driving License, First Time Applications

If you are new here in the TRNC and intend driving, you can only drive on the road for a maximum of 90 days in any 180-day period on your foreign license. Failure to comply will render you’re driving illegal and also uninsured.

To make a successful application for the first time, you must have a temporary residence certificate which is almost impossible to get in your 90- day allowance!

Well, we have made a breakthrough. I have managed to get the office in Lefkoşa to accept a printed copy of your temporary residence progress which is now acceptable when applying.

MOT Dates

We have received a number of requests to publish a list of dates for MOTs in 2022.

Health Insurance, Residency

As I predicted some months ago, costs associated with residence applications, in this case health insurance, has been increased by 83%, to 700 tl for one year and 1400 tl for two years.

Following Government guidelines asking for members of the public to report any shops selling their wares with sky high price increases, seems not to apply to the Government, increasing their costs by 83%.

The increase will become effective from Friday 14th January 2022, it is also applicable to those applications which are in process, but have not yet paid for their health insurance.

At the moment there is no news on whether there is to be an increase in the residency application fee. Watch this space.

It would be interesting to know what all this extra money is to be spent on?

Bayram Holidays

There are no Bayram Holidays this month.

Medication price Increases

With effect from 1.2.2022, the Government is increasing the price of medication by 35%.

For a short while you may come across some medication shortages, this is because of low stocks in some chemists and some stocks being held back by the Government to take advantage of the new price increase.

These increases are applicable to private hospitals, meaning the cost of operations will also increase.

TRNC Driving License Price Increases

I have been reliably informed, the fees for first-time driving licenses application and the price for renewing licenses are to be reviewed. but as yet no information on how much has been released.

In next month’s News Round, if the new prices have been announced, I will publish them in the March edition of my News Round.

Postal Services to and from the UK

Please take note, if you are using our cross-border postal service, items such as small envelopes, take 10 days to arrive at our PO box in the South.

Other items such as small parcels, including bank cards will take 14 days to be delivered, this is because the items need to go through the Customs system for their checking. This system has been obtained by our courier and it is official.

We are moving

Due to the unprecedented increase in the volume of insurance policies/customers, we have outgrown the Capital Bank facilities in Alsancak.

Our head office made the decision to expand this facility in order to give an even more polished and supportive service to our customers.

In order to facilitate this improved service, we are employing an additional member of staff whose main function will be greater customer contact, whilst working alongside the services undertaken by Fatos!

By moving closer to Girne, our customers on the East side of town will also benefit from our branch being much closer to the area in which they live!

We have ensured our new location has ample parking with easy access for all our customers.

There will be no interruption in the way we operate our excellent customer service!

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