January 29, 2023

Readers mail….
From Laurence Floyd….

Hi everyone

Let me and Delia first wish you all a super Christmas, and a happy, healthy 2022. It continues to be difficult for many of us wishing to travel from the TRNC to see loved ones, and fingers crossed restrictions and their associated costs will ease in the new year.

Wednesday, June 15th

The Beatlemania show at the Colony Garden. A first for us, as this is a 2 hour full live band show to be put on the stage at the garden, combined with a  Supper Club food & beverage package, and normal seating and dining arrangements

Saturday, September 17th

The twice postponed and long awaited  Abba Platinum show at the Girne Amphitheatre is now scheduled for September 2022. With Abba releasing their new album, and a film scheduled for next year, this is going to be one exciting night!

More details will follow in due course

Best regards

Laurence and Delia

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