September 30, 2023

Readers mail….
From St Andrews Church, Kyrenia….

Sadly there has been an outbreak of Coronavirus in St Andrew’s which has affected several parishioners.

In light of this, the Church Council has been given permission to close for a period of two weeks to allow any further cases of infection to come to light and to allow the appropriate quarantine procedures for those who have tested positive with a PCR test to complete.

  • The mid-week services on Thursday 30th December and 6th January are cancelled.
  •  The Sunday services on 2nd and 9th January are also cancelled.

2 thoughts on “St Andrew’s Church closed due to Coronavirus outbreak

  1. How has this happened as Antigen tests were manitory for entry to this establishment

    1. The individual probably developed the infection after their last visit to the church and as people that go to the church also meet socially these restrictions have been brought in to close down the infection chain.

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