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Sevil Emirzade introduced her new book at the Girne Art Gallery

Author Sevil Emirzade introduced her new  book “Good Luck Cyprus’ Old Stories with Blue Shutters – Let the New ones be Written with Friendship” at an event held in Girne Art Gallery on 2nd November.

Mayor of Girne Nidai Güngördü and many art lovers attended the promotion held at Girne Municipality Art Gallery.

The mini-concert of Soprano Demetra Mustafaoğlu was watched with interest by the art lovers before the chat, conversation and signing ceremony of the books in 4 languages ​​that explore the history of Cyprus in periodic sections since 1821

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü gave the following in his speech at the presentation:

“Writing the events experienced is aimed at creating a very different event and memory. You are talking about the Turkish Cypriot community and the events that took place in Cyprus over a period of two hundred years. These subjects include culture, art, and economic relations, and you have synthesized all of them and expressed them in a fluent style.

You’ve worked hard to make it real and attract people’s attention by backing it up with pictures. There is a lot of hard work here. This work is for us to understand the events that took place in Cyprus for two centuries and to create a memory for future generations. I would like to thank Ms. Sevil Emirzade. I believe that she will leave very important documents, information, books and games to the next generations and  I would like to thank everyone who supported her and her family,  I would also like to thank everyone who participated in the name of art with my wishes to continue producing”.


Sevil Emirzade, in the promotion of her book, said that it was a duty of loyalty to complete the book that her father left unfinished. Thanking the Mayor of Girne, Nidai Güngördü, and the municipality employees, who supported them from the first day and did not spare any help in the promotion of the book, Emirzade stated that these events, which encourage and motivate them, will always be enough to produce something.

A book launch in 3 languages ​​(English, German, Greek) of the author Sevil Emirzade’s book entitled “Good Luck Cyprus’ Old Stories with Blue Shutters-Let the New ones be Written with Friendship” will be held at Girne Municipality Art Gallery on November 9, 2021, between 15:00 and 16:30. 

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality


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