March 26, 2023

We are sharing for readers who are seeking the latest facts and information with the approval of the BRS, news recently provided by the British Residents’ Society to their members.

Meeting at the British High Commission

Representatives of the BRS were invited to the British High Commission on Friday 5th November to meet with the Regional Consular Director covering South Europe, Fleur Wilson as well as BHC staff in order to discuss current concerns of British expats living in the TRNC.

Although very little in the way of an update, the group talked about problems arising at border crossings both North and South and travel in general.

Regarding the on-going effects of Brexit, the BHC Representatives confirmed that they had sent a letter to the RoC Ministry of Interior with a number of questions in order to clarify what will happen post December 31st and are as yet to receive a reply. They have promised to notify us when they do. 

During the meeting the Director was asked about the non-recognition by the UK Government of vaccinations administered in the North for travel purposes.

We were informed that currently there are no plans to add the TRNC to the list of accepted countries although that list is being updated regularly and we “MAY” be included in the future. It was asked if consideration could be given for the Sovereign Bases to administer the vaccinations for British expats as they do for their own staff and we were told that the BHC have already looked into this and confirmed that due to regulations and legislation, this was not an option.

So to clarify, although Turkey has been added to the list of accepted recorded vaccinations, the TRNC is being treated as a separate country and therefore any vaccinations/boosters administered in the North are not recognised by the UK for travel purposes. Quarantine rules apply.

Editor’s Note:  BRS have an excellent members’ Facebook page which gives information and allows members to ask questions however Facebook is excellent for sharing of information but it is no more than a stream of information and BRS found many questions were being asked time and time again so the BRS team developed BRITBOT on their website where members could retrieve information published on many past subjects.

Readers wishing to learn more of the British Residents’ Society or registration as a member which can be started online please visit their website – or

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