March 25, 2023

After two weeks of lessons those on the Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus (ATA) cookery course thought they knew it all and could cook a Turkish Cypriot meal – how wrong they were, as week three taught them even more skills and village recipes! Pilavuna, Bezelye and three different types of Dolmades, plus the opportunity to prepare and eat Kohlrabi.

Association member Jan Marsh, said “Today’s lesson was a great experience of traditional Turkish village recipes from our tutor Jenny, preparing and eating new ingredients was wonderful. The meal we ate at the end of today’s lesson was some of the best food I’ve ever tasted and yet it was so simple to make using everyday store cupboard ingredients”.

The consensus around the dining table was unanimous in that this week’s lesson was to date the highlight of the ATA Cookery Course, with most attendees having seconds and some even taking food home with them. The savoury Pilavuna’s in particular went down a treat.

Regular tutor Unal said some of the dishes Jenny taught were new to him and that he looked forward to cooking them at home – perhaps with a twist of his own!

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