March 27, 2023

Readers mail….
From Susie L Ford….

We had a fantastic packed house, on the 16th of October for the MAYHEM show at the Diiva Restaurant, Esentepe.

The Mayhem players had been practicing for months to put on this show and what a show it was with lots of laughter, dancing, and singing, and who were the Drag Kings and Queens you may ask?


The Drag Kings were, SUSIE Q as Su-Paul & Arthur Bolloc, Kate Bell as Spikey van Dikey, Kath Gardener as Mo.B.Dik and  Linda Lamb as Master Luke Warm.


 The Drag Queens were, Martin Ford as Candy Cummins,  Peter Dunne as  Chi Chi Swanks, Dave Lavender as Mistress Lavandra Cox and Andrew Cloughly as Peaches D-lite.

The Kings and Queens were absolutely superb, Thank you all of for your participation and dedication to making this a great show and fundraiser for Tulips charity.


A Huge Thank You also to:

  • Diane Ward, for all of your hard work in the backroom and also Aliyah and thank you to Clarisse for all that you have done as well.
  • Our music techs Robin Lavender and Emma Rendrag, and for everything you do, which is always a  great job.
  • All those who people who donated raffle prizes and to Sue Tilt and Louise and their hubbies for coming as our guests and also representing Tulips.
  • To Ali Raza and his team at Diiva for the great service and good food, and a massive thank you to Sharon White TIG, for stepping in and helping Diiva Restaurant.

Finally thank you all for coming along, we do hope you enjoyed our show and your donations for the Tulips charity which resulted in a great amount of 5,850TL being raised.

Until next time,

Susie xxx

Editor’s note; We also received the following note of thanks from Sue Tilt of Tulips – Help Those with Cancer Association:


It was certainly MAYHEM at the Diiva Restaurant in Esentepe!

MAYHEM performed their outrageous Kings & Queens show to a full house all in aid of Tulips.

The work that must have gone into putting this performance together must have been intense. The whole evening ran smoothly with the group and individual acts all outstanding.

Thank you to Susie L Ford, Martin, and the rest of MAYHEM, to all the wardrobe and technical supporters, to Diiva Restaurant (the hosts of the evening), and most importantly thank you to everyone who attended and supported this event so well.

An amazing 5,850TL  was raised and we cannot thank you enough for this!


Sue Tilt

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