March 27, 2023

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From: I Jefferson …..

Dear Sir,

The UK government refuses to accept Covid vaccinations performed and certificated in the TRNC although I am unaware of any specific reason given for this.  I have travelled in Europe with my TRNC certificate which has been accepted everywhere without question.

If the refusal is on the grounds of non-recognition (which does not bother EU member states) then it is likely that this refusal is unlawful discrimination against TRNC nationals and residents. It has long been established, in English courts,  that legal decisions made and acts done in the TRNC will be regarded as valid unless their nature would import a recognition of the lawful existence of the TRNC.  This includes recognition of matters that involve the ordinary day to day lives of people, such as marriages, divorces, dog licences, leases, jobs and so on.

Receiving a vaccination (of a medicine made in the UK specially for the purpose and delivered to the TRNC by the EU) is part of everyday life, does not involve a discussion on the lawfulness of the paper on which the certificate is written any more than with a dog licence or a marriage licence.  The medic administering the vaccination is not some high official, maybe not even employed by the “State”, and is not performing an act which requires recognition of the TRNC.

The English Courts endeavour to do justice to their litigants by recognising “day to day” TRNC legal decisions and administrative acts. By refusing to accept TRNC Covid certificates on the basis of non-recognition the UK government is delivering injustice and wrongful discrimination against UK and Cypriot nationals.

If pressure groups fail to persuade the UK government then the only remaining recourse would be legal action, perhaps, ultimately, even at the ECHR.

I Jefferson

2 thoughts on “Covid and unlawful discrimination of TRNC by UK government?

  1. Hi Mr. Jefferson,
    I agree totally with your comments and have already emailed my MP & the UK Health Minister regarding this issue it is an absolute farce the way TRNC is being treated and now that UK has left the EU we should be doing more to support Northern Cyprus well done 👍
    Kind Regards
    Allan Sparham

  2. So what is the answer if have having two astra zenica jabs is it then safe if back in uk to have a further two within the uk.The fact also includes that what the uk government has done is to curtail travel for uk citizen’s residing in the trnc.The restriction also would stop the freedom of movement.So please lobby your embassy/ mp and share this post.

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