Seabreeze Restaurant, Kucuk Erenkoy had another great Karaoke

Readers mail….
From Susie L Ford….

We had another packed house and a very successful Karaoke session at the Seabreeze Restaurant, Kucuk Erenkoy on Wednesday 13th October.

It was definitely the place to be at Sumarts Karaoke at  Seabreeze  and the place was packed and the Karaoke singers were fantastic, there was a lot of talent out there.

The Fish and Chips were so good and often said to be the best on the island.

Thank you all for joining us and please remember to book early for next week as it is extremely busy.

Thank you to Claire and Mehmet at Seabreeze for hosting us as always.

Until next time…. keep safe everybody.

Susie xxxx

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