March 28, 2023

EVKAF has joined together with A CLEAN CYPRUS and İYİLİK GÜNÜLLÜLERİ to create the first Jingle and T-Shirt contests to protect our environment, Monetary and other prizes will be awarded from a jury panel.

The Jingle Contest winner will be recorded and broadcast on local radio and television stations. The T-shirt winners in 3 age group categories will also receive press and their shirts printed for sale where seedling trees will be bought and planted to clean our air. We believe the children will lead the way to a bright and healthier future.

This event  will bring fun for ages 5-20 and much needed interest to our island, for the  Mediterranean, and the world to see.

We are all in this together. Let us unite to be first on this island, best in our example, and different by making it fun.

At the same time, organizer of A CLEAN CYPRUS, Dr. Demetra George Mustafaoglu, a two time Grammy List nominee will present a HALLOWEEN Concert at the lovely award winning Gillham Winery in Ilgaz where a percentage of dinner and take home wine sales will benefit feeding the hungry through İYİLİK GÜNÜLLÜLERİ.

Tickets and reservations are available for a special 7 course dinner and/or concert by contacting Gillham at 0533 871-7070
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