March 25, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

The stray dogs are usually avoided by all.  In general we do not like having stray dogs in our locality but at times we come across some such dogs, which cannot be ignored at all.

Everybody knows that I always keep myself at a distance with pets, especially dogs.   Although we have a pitbull in our house, which I take for a walk every evening, as no-one else in the house will take this duty. So in the end it’s me who takes him out every evening. This routine of 6 years is persisting and even over these years the distance between me and our dog has not reduced much.

With all this background, all of a sudden one day a stray dog appeared in our street. A black one with very silky long hair. There was something special about it. Though still I do not know the gender, I presume it to be a female. There is something very special about this dog, it is very attractive.  After a couple of days I noticed a green strap around her neck, which meant that someone nearby had owned her.

Later on I came to know that a lady living on the fourth flour of a building on the same street owned her but she perhaps did not like the idea of taking her inside. So the black dog took her new position as a “custodian of our street”. Quite a long time has passed and she is voluntarily serving the area as its custodian.

.Interestingly, I do not see her at all whenever I go out, but if I see someone not residing in our area, all of a sudden she appears from nowhere and starts barking. She rushes to the stranger, but never goes very near. Yet her style of barking frequently frightens the stranger. Not only just that, she does not like the delivery guys. She has got something personal against them. She shows her all sorts of abilities as a “custodian of the street”, whenever any delivery scooter enters the street. She barks, runs after them, and does not stop chasing them. She constantly chases them until they cross over to the next street. In case the delivery boy has to deliver to some houses on our street, after chasing she stops as the delivery boy stops. However, she makes it a point to sit by the motorbike until the guy finishes delivering and leaves the street.

My first encounter with her was rather interesting. On that particular evening, when I had taken our dog out, I saw her for the first time. She rushed towards me. I always get frightened in such situations. However she stopped just near the dog. That had made me further frightened and somewhat annoyed, since I never trust my pitbull. I tried to pull my dog back, who on the other hand was trying to meet the new friend. For me there was no other way but to adjust myself to the situation. The two met, smelled each other’s bodies, while I waited, thinking if I would be able to tackle the situation if the meeting of the two turned out to be violent. Luckily everything went well that evening.

Back home, I mentioned the whole incident to my wife, who took the best possible step by entering into a close friendship with her. The next morning, as she went out for her morning walk, she saw the new black dog on the street, she brought some milk from the kitchen and offered it to her. Since then the “custodian of the street” has become her best friend. Every morning she visits us at about 5am, my wife offers her the milk and then they both go away for their long walk.

Since that day she never comes near to us when I take my dog out for a walk. As I have mentioned earlier, I do not see her at all unless someone new appears on the street.

Today I tried to make a short video of her drinking the milk offered by my wife. I hope you will like it.

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