March 25, 2023

The meeting between President Ersin Tatar and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in New York which had commenced at 1:15pm local (8:15pm TRNC) time has ended.

Accompanying President Tatar were Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu, Special Representative Ergün Olgun, Negotiation Team Member Osman Ertuğ and TRNC New York Representative Mehmet Dana.

Source; TRNC Presidency

Editors note; Further information will be published when it becomes available…

2 thoughts on “President Ersin Tatar met with Antonio Guterres in New York

  1. I am and all the Turkish people every where, in complete support ow the Two State Solution with Strategic adjustments to the border between the Two community.
    Heaving read the History on the Hala Sultan Tekkesi, and finding out that, it is Clarified by Historians as the Third most important Islamic Site to the Following of Mohammed, I find that it should definitely be within the Boundaries of an Islamic Oriented State.
    In return we can Grant the Cristian following complete and Autonomous access to Sent Barnabas and Ay Andres.
    That would make Larnaka and the Shoreline to East, a bartering point to be Solved.
    I am hopeful that with the fact that our Population is on the Up, and their in Decline, existing numerical values should be easily adjusted.

    1. Great idea Olcay

      Just talking about it will see lots of toys coming out of the prams with the prospect of Larnaka, Ayia Napa and Dhekelia Sovereign base perhaps coming under the regional control of another

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