October 4, 2023

What did ATA Members and Guests find when they went through the keyhole at a special house in Girne? A tardis full of mystery and intrigue around every corner and housing beautiful objects with a story behind every one of them.

On a balmy Saturday evening ATA members and guests were mesmerised by the contents of this special house in Girne owned by ATA members Nigel and Lynn Holman. From the moment the key turned and they entered this tardis like home all were spellbound.

Previously described by Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü as never having seen anything like it in his lifetime, ATA member Piers Oakey, who for once was left speechless, could only describe the house as Fabulous, Fabulous, uniquely beautifully Fabulous!

Whilst member Pam Schofield said “Seeing this house from the street does not prepare you for the amazing sights you experience when you walk through the front door. Room after room full of beautiful artefacts and a swimming pool which was jaw dropping! It’s only by being a member of the ATA that you get the opportunity see something so unique. Tonight I feel privileged to be an ATA member”.

The evening was rounded off with a delicious home cooked Sri Lanka meal eaten under the stars in the garden of the house.

As everyone prepared to head to their own homes, ATA chairman Philip Lloyd, thanked Nigel and Lynn for their hospitality and generosity in enabling the ATA to share a glimpse into their lifestyle.

For information on this ATA event including those photo’s able to be printed visit the 2021 Events Page of the ATA website: – www.angloturkishassociation.com   

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