October 1, 2022

By Chris Elliott….

What a week it has been with me in hospital with a Laptop that decided to die and a local company Teknogold helping me with the supply of a new laptop and of course Margaret Sheard who has kept our work rolling and publishing another CyprusScene e-newspaper on time for our readers to have their Sunday read.

May we take this opportunity of thanking our contributors for their support in helping make CyprusScene an interesting and entertaining publication and also remind you of regular Podcasts which can be listened to by clicking here on one of the podcast channels we are using

Issue 190 is now complete and you can download your free PDF file of this week’s e-newspaper by clicking here:

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2 thoughts on “CyprusScene.com online Enewspaper Issue 190 has arrived

  1. Dear Margaret the Cyprus Memorial Service was held last Sunday at the Cyprus Rock Memorial in the National Memorial Arboretum. It was a very successful event and attended by more than 250 veterans and families of those who lost their lives in the Emergency, both military and the 22 UK civilian police officers. Chris and I had attended on the planned Memorial day in 2020 to inform any one who did attend not knowing that we had had to cancel the service. A small number did turn up and we had a distanced and silent service to ensure we did not forget the fallen in spite of Covid 19. We have booked next years service for Sunday the 14 of August.
    Kindest regards David Littlemore .

    1. Thank you David, we are publishing on our website today and will be in our online enewspaper next weekend. I have made a couple of amendments (added date and took out the words “Chris and” … I have just left it as “I” as it almost looked as if it was myself and Chris Elliott, so didn’t want to confuse people.)
      Hope you are keeping well.

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