Invitation to local readers to Esentepe Football showpiece match

By Richard Beale…

Invitation to local readers

TRNC’S Liverpool/ Chelsea/ Manchester City and United in Esentepe on Tuesday!!

We are very privileged on Tuesday evening, 24th August,  to play hosts to TRNC Super League giants YENICAMI in a friendly football match.

Yenicamı, Magüsa Türk Güçü and Doğan Türk Birliği who contest the Super League are the TRNC equivalent of Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City/United.

What a great opportunity for some of the Esentepe youngsters (many have not even made their League 1 debuts) to play against some of the most talented players in the TRNC. The result doesn’t matter it’s just the opportunity and the experience they will have.

Admission Free —–Refreshments and toilet facilities available.

Support Your Local Village Football Team.

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