January 27, 2023

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From Nuheh Talitta….

On 20th July 1974 the government of Cyprus together with the government of Greece fully unleashed the Ifestos plan. As reported to the UN by its Secretary General (1) the combined Greek and Cypriot military forces and the entire civilian militia simultaneously set upon every Turkish Cypriot community and stronghold on the Island with the aim of the immediate and total obliteration of the entire Turkish Cypriot population of Cyprus. As a plan its brutality exceeded even the Nazi holocaust of European Jews. Luckily, fate, or rather the Turkish armed forces, intervened to disrupt the plan.

Famagusta memorial – Pixabay image by Dimitris Vetsikas

Despite the arrival of the powerful Turkish troops the Greeks pressed on with their campaign of genocide. Inside the ancient walls of Famagusta they had trapped around 12,000 Turkish Cypriots. In flagrant breach of the Geneva Conventions the unarmed civilians in the old City were constantly bombarded by heavy mortars and raked with machine gun fire by the several thousand Greek Troops and National Guards surrounding the Turkish refugees. Food, water and electricity were cut off in the height of the summer’s heat. The Turkish forces reached Famagusta on 18th August 1974 and stopped a further massacre of the Turkish population. The local Greek Cypriot population, perhaps fearful of reprisals for their unspeakable atrocities inflicted on their neighbours, fled Famagusta leaving Maraş empty, as it remains today.

Since 1974 there has been an unceasing campaign by the Greek Cypriots, who are either murderers or accomplices to murderers, to be given back the properties they lost in consequence of their failed attempt to kill every Turkish Cypriot and to steal all their properties. Can anyone with any sense of morals comprehend or support this? Can the Cypriot Orthodox Church, itself deeply involved with Ifestos and at that time led by the terrorist supporting Makarios, Bishop Kyriakides and the Reverend Papastavros Papa-Anganthelou, still claim to be Christian and not seek forgiveness?

If there are any innocent Greek victims of their own decade long campaigns of genocide, there is only one actor truly responsible for their losses of 47 years ago. That is the terrorist State of Cyprus itself and its acolytes principally Greece and the Cypriot Orthodox Church. These are the bodies who should make recompense and not just to the Greek Cypriots who have lost property and family but also to the Turkish Cypriots and to the soldiers who died preventing a crime so ghastly that it cannot be adequately described. By recognising its evil past, its war crimes, its genocides and its denial of human rights, the Greek Cypriot regime can flush the racist poison from the hearts of GC’s and help heal the wounds of the TC’s. Maraş will then be no longer an issue and the two communities may come to live side by side in friendship.

It is just.

1 UN Archive report S-0903-0010-11-00001

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3 thoughts on “Maraş, a just Solution?

  1. As long as there is even one Greek alive that still thinks ” the only good Turk is a dead Turk” there will never be and no one should ever try to unite Cyprus.

  2. …the courage to look around you and see that things are not black and white, that there are lots of colours is important.

    …i don’t like “Greeks”, i don’t like “Turks”; along with the rest of us who are neither. Ask yourself, who votes for “them”, and who despite the decades of being unnaturally torn part vote otherwise.

    Talking about “Greeks” and “Turks” excludes the rest of us who are loving individuals. Are there only “them” on this island? I think not. I am a Cypriot if you want to define me, and i am not alone.

    “They” will always be a threat; it is all the more reason for “us” to join together.

    1. The problem is that

      a. There are still lots of Greek Cypriots who want to rid Cyprus of Turkish Cypriots and will not try and compromise

      b. The Turkish Cypriot community sees no evidence that the Greek Cypriots have changed their ways

      c Of the Greek and Turkish Cypriots who want reunification they have not accepted the TRUTH of the past and seen a major change in the other sides behavior and just trust to luck all will be well

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