October 4, 2023

A recent law, which criminalizes acts that insult a believer’s religious feelings, is being used by a lady who claims that McDonald’s have violated her rights. The case hinges on a McDonald’s advert which described its products in such salivating terms that the lady was forced to rush to the nearest branch to buy a cheeseburger. In consequence, the lady breached her Lenten fast, a tradition that she had not broken for the previous 16 years, and so offended her religious feelings.

cheeseburgerA supportive member of Parliament commented that “in terms of the damage that humanity is inflicting upon itself, fast food is no less harmful than cigarettes”.

It is thought that Mrs Ovchinnikova’s claim for 1000 roubles, (about £10) is not likely to succeed.

As reported in The Times newspaper 10.08.2021.

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