September 27, 2022

Prime Minister Ersan Saner said that the European Union is committing an historical mistake by thinking that by issuing threats it can force the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkey to shy away from taking the right steps in Cyprus.

Stating that the European Union has escalated the intransigent stance of the Greek Cypriot side by not keeping any of the promises it made to the Turkish Cypriot side, Saner said that the EU attempting to threaten Turkey with sanctions because of a decision taken by the TRNC government to continue with the Maraş initiative is a shameful approach and a clear indication of their support for the Greek Cypriot side.

In his statement, the Prime Minister criticised the European Union which is putting aside its own values of democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights and is continuing its stance against the Turkish Cypriot people in favour of the Greek Cypriot side.

The European Union, which attempted to take a stand against Turkey because of the decision taken by our government, which received a vote of confidence from the Assembly of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, should know that Maraş is a part of our country, and we are the ones who put forth the will to open it and take the decision in this direction.

Therefore, the European Union, which has escalated the Greek antagonism by not keeping any of its promises to the Turkish Cypriots, attempted to threaten Turkey with sanctions because of a decision taken by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus government to continue opening the closed city of Maraş, taking into account the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. It is a disgraceful and pro-Greek stance.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

3 thoughts on “TRNC PM Saner criticises EU for threatening Turkey with sanctions

  1. Typical EU response to the opening of Maras – total bunch of hypocrites. Need to get their own house in order which a mission impossible and the very reason for our BREXIT. EU does nothing constructive except dictate to member countries. Greek atrocities in Cyprus continue to go uncontrolled and
    historically unrecognised by the world community and the EU in particular.

  2. The European Court of Human Rights should be reminded of the atrocities done by the Greeks in there attempt to take over the Island .If the so called Court of Human rights does its job properly then it should be prosecuting the Greeks involved .

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