January 27, 2023

Captain Debbie and her motley crew laughed, talked, swam, ate and above all enjoyed a sunset cruise aboard the ‘Blue Bird’, but who thought they were auditioning for a remake of the Titanic movie? Who was the first to be thrown overboard? Who just chilled?

On a balmy Saturday evening Debbie Bird’s motley crew took sail aboard the good ship ‘Blue Bird’ for a sunset cruise along the North Cyprus coastline. With a mixture of ATA members and non-members in her crew, as any good captain would, Debbie made sure everyone knew what they had to do: – eat, drink, swim and be merry whilst watching the sun go down over the yardarm!

Ably accompanied by Philip, everyone aboard had such a splendid time that a large number of the non-members joined the association on the evening, with quartermaster Philip happily taking their money in exchange for ATA membership cards.

Able bodied sailors Kevin Mapp, Nigel Holman and Garry Jordan between sips of ale commented “You know everyone is enjoying an ATA event when so many people are only too happy and pleased to join our association whilst at the event”.

New member on the night, Heather Martin, said “I’ve been told how friendly and welcoming ATA events are, and having tonight experienced this first hand, I’m pleased to now be an ATA member and can’t wait to attend another event”.

On returning to shore Captain Debbie, before allowing her crew to walk the gangplank and head towards their homes, thanked her crew for joining her on the cruise with the words “Tonight has shown to everyone aboard what the ATA is about, having fun whilst raising money for good causes!”. The applause to her for organising such an enjoyable event could be heard long into the early hours.

For information on this ATA event including those photos able to be printed, visit the 2021 Events Page of the ATA website: – https://angloturkishassociation.com/ 


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