March 27, 2023

Introduction by Chris Elliott….

With the 20th of July fast approaching the Turkish Cypriots thoughts are of many past sad events but also the joy of the intervention and arrival of Turkish Forces in Cyprus to put an end forever to the ethnic cleansing activities of the Greeks and Greek Cypriots as described below by the Young Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus group.

Sadly the UK government of the day had recognised the Greek Cypriot government in 1964 as the legitimate authority in Cyprus even though the Turkish Cypriots were forced out of the government and its people into enclaves.

To this day the true facts of the invasion of Cyprus have been suppressed by the Greek Cypriots and the world has lent them full support through the UK UN and the EU and effectively the Turkish Cypriots are still embargoed to suit the desire of the ruling Greek Cypriots who wish to to be their masters.

“On the 15th July 1974, Greece invaded Cyprus by staging a military coup to overthrow President Makarios. Former EOKA terrorist and fascist, Nikos Sampson, became the new President of Cyprus and formed the “Hellenic Republic of Cyprus”

The Turkish Cypriot people lived in fear. For 11 years they had been forced into enclaves with every aspect of their lives restricted and embargoed by Makarios’s unilateral Greek Cypriot government. Now that Greece had invaded they were not safe at all as EOKA-B and the National Guard began surrounding all Turkish Cypriot enclaves.

5 days later, Turkey legally invoked their right as a Guarantor Power to intervene and save the Turkish Cypriots from mass genocide – something which was proven to happen through the later massacres of August 1974 & the genocidal “Iphestos Plan”. Turkey’s intervention on the 20th July also saved thousands of Greek Cypriots being murdered by Greece and fascist Greek Cypriots…”

2 thoughts on “Young Turkish Cypriots tell the Truth of the Cyprus Invasion

  1. Britain failed to act as one of the guarantors when Greece, the second guarantor, invaded Cyprus in 1964. So the third guarantor, Turkey, had no option but to intervene and put a stop to the genocide of Turkish speaking Cypriots.. This was the start of independent North Cyprus. The UK, the UN and the EU are all responsible for siding with the morally corrupt Greek speaking Cypriots and their leaders. Recognition of North Cyprus to remedy the wrongs is long overdue.Now that the UK is out of the EU, it has no reason to side with the EU and so without any delay must recognize N Cyprus an an independent country and start trading with them. N Cyprus airport and ports must be recognised as free international and independent ports of N Cyprus.

  2. For years Western countries trying to break up Turkey.also to Cyprus. They been doing evrythings in they powers to break up Cyprus form Turkey.Cyprus as whole belongs to Turkey.Cyprus Turkish nation will be protected by Nation of Turkey.

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