September 28, 2022

TRNC  Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement regarding Sovereign Bases area. 

Beyarmudu Municipality provides water, infrastructure and other vital municipal services to our citizens in the regions within the municipal boundaries.  Beyarmudu Municipality has been providing these services for many years, including our citizens living in the British Sovereign Bases Area.  In order to fulfil its obligations and with the verbal agreement of the British Sovereign Bases Area Administration, the Mayor of our Municipality laid a 40-metre water line to supply the football field within the boundaries of the municipality. However, it was learned that the water line built for these purposes was dismantled by the SBA Administration on 12th July 2021.

There has been no explanation for the dismantling of the line by the SBA Administration,  which was built to deliver water, which is the most basic vital need to our citizens living within the borders of the municipality. We protest this behaviour of the British Sovereign Bases Administration in the strongest terms.

During the pandemic, the SBA Administration did not hesitate to restrict the freedom of movement of our citizens living in Pile, by applying the same Covid-19 measures applied by the Greek side in the British Sovereign Bases Area. Despite the Turkish Cypriot side having repeatedly pointed out alternative measures, through diplomatic channels, the SBA Administration implemented the same Covid-19 measures as in Southern Cyprus, at the expense of complicating the lives of our citizens living in Pile and Beyarmudu. We should also remind you that the SBA Administration has also recently been preventing the passage of goods procured from our country to sell at the workplaces of Turkish Cypriot tradesmen in Pile.

In this context, we strongly condemn the attitude of the British Sovereign Bases Area Administration, which does not allow the delivery of goods and services to our citizens living in Beyarmudu.

Source : TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Asked to comment on the report, the SBA administration said by email:

The Bases take a strong stance on unauthorised construction works and there are strict regulations for the granting of permission to carry out such projects in the SBAs. No permission, oral or otherwise, was granted and as such we can confirm that we have restored the site.

“We expect everyone in our community to abide by our laws and regulations and are prepared to take enforcement action against all those who fail to do so.



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