March 31, 2023

Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Canaltay , went to Ercan Airport and examined the fire extinguishing efforts on site due to the fire that broke out in an area used as a garbage dump near Ercan Airport.

The fire was brought under control with the devoted work of the Civil Aviation Department Meydan Fire Department and with the help of PGM firefighters. Ercan Police, T&T Airport Management and Taş Yapı personnel also contributed to the fire extinguishing efforts. It is stated that the cooling works will continue until the morning.

Canaltay, Minister of Public Works and Transport, stated that the Meydan Fire Brigade’s team prevented a disaster that could have very serious consequences and said, “The presence of a fire department with high emergency response capability in Ercan is an indication that the reliability of our airport is at international standards. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the work with our firefighters,” she said.

Source: Ministry of Public Works and Transportation

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